Cloud Services

Scale your Business

Enter the Cloud

The choice is yours: Manage the digital platform in a traditional way on-premises or use our cloud services on field-tested market standards.

We offer flexible pricing models: From a fixed monthly fee up to transaction-based pay-per-use.

We use the market leader in our back-ends: Amazon Web Services. Hosting is managed in the AWS region Frankfurt and fulfills all data protection rules of the EU and Germany.

Your Digital Cloud-Platform

Make tech11's platform your digital platform!

Configure your insurance products and use the existing standard process catalogue on BPMN2.0 basis. Your data are stored in a dedicated, individually managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - including real multi-tenancy.

Use standardized interfaces to extract your data anytime for any reports or to connect your financial systems.

Scale On-Demand

With tech11's digital platform you can scale single services at anytime.

Example motor business: You can manage relevant cost savings if you provide more cloud resources to your rating engine only in specific periods (e.g. poaching-period), to manage e.g. requests coming from aggregators.
Similar scenarios can be scaled in other lines-of-business, e.g. renewal jobs with a fixed due date.