Our Passion

Our architecture

The mix of passion, experience and knowledge is the underlying fundament of tech11 digital core insurance platform.

Our platform is based on a microservices architecture. From a technological point of view, all services are fully independent of one another and allow to use any suitable technology for any specific service. Just Use the Right Tool for the Right Job.

In that way we can further develop, deploy or replace all single modules seperately. You can orchestrate all services inside our central CXC module (CXC: control - extend - customize). The CXC module is a Business Process Managmenet System (BPMS) in which you easily manage all customizing requirements – and which allows you to seamlessly reuse or integrate services of your current landscape.

Used Technologies

Our technology stack is consequently based on latest industry and market standards. Find an extract of key technologies used inside our platform below:

  • Java / Java EE
  • BPMS (BPMN 2.0 / DMN 1.1)
  • ES6
  • RDBMS and NoSQL Databases
  • WildFly, Keycloak, nginx
  • Docker, AWS ECS/RDS

We update our technology stack on a very regular base following one key objective: Generate the highest business value through-out best-in-class technologies. This technology stack and many years of insurance industry experience, enabled us to develop a flexible, future-proof, maintainable and secure core insurance solution.

If you want to deep dive into tech11 technologies, please visit our blog.