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Why tech11?

You want your IT to be prepared for the digital change? You need new core insurance solutions, without further extensive and lenghty IT projects? You want to reuse existing components and integrate them smoothly? You want to enable your own IT and do not depend any longer on service providers? You are looking for a platform for a gradual digital evolution and at the same time you want to reduce existing legacy limitations? Or do you want to enter new markets or test product innovations with low effort?

All these problems can be solved with the digital core insurance platform of tech11.

  • Modularity: Free choice of modules, stand-alone or in any combination
  • End2End: Complete solution. From Back- to Front-Office.
  • Automation: Designed for fully automated processing.
  • Business processes: Ready-to-use processes out-of-the-box.
  • Architecture: Container-based microservices.
  • User Interfaces: Keyboard Optimized. Mobile-First. ES6. Responsive Design.
  • Product configuration by business: Zero-Code-Approach for product and tariff configuration.
  • Custom development optional: Based on ready-to-use modules with your internal IT.
  • Start-up: Fast and cost-effective into production.
  • Highly integrable: Web services API, BPMS.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based or on-premises.
  • Release-capability: Customizing through our standardized REST-API only.
  • Documentation: Complete API- and BPM process documentation.
  • Future-proof Investments: Strict API gateway ensures the adjustment of future technology changes at any time.
  • Independence: Customizing or developments with your internal staff or any service provider of your choice.



Our Clients

Digital Insurer

You are an innovative digital insurer and you need a real digital platform, to manage not only your current business, but also your next business model in the near future?

Small and Medium-Sized Insurer

You are a medium-sized insurer and you need new core insurance solutions or dedicated components but you are not fully convinced of the current market solutions or these exceed your IT budgets?

Medium-Sized and Large Insurer

You are a large insurer and you are searching a complete core insurance package to build up an innovative digital insurer aside? Or do you want to quickly enter new markets or test product innovations?

International Insurer

You are an international insurer and you want to enter the German speaking markets and you need a complete core insurance package, up and running in weeks?


You are a reinsurer and you are investing in digital solutions to evolve your client relationships to a future-ready and sustainable level?


You are an insurtech and you want to enlarge your value chain and for that you need a complete backend-solution?